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iOS 4.3 announced, different features for different devices


Today at the live event, which our own Medical Leave Steve showed up to host, we got a peek at the pending version of iOS 4.3. This will be out on March 11, along with the next generation iPad, also announced at today's event. At first glance, the important differences depend on which iThing you're actually running it on.

First and foremost to iPad owners is the following: a rollback of the switch function! Now you will get the option of what that little flippy switch controls: orientation lock or mute.

There is also a marked improvement in iOS 4.3 if you have a GSM iPhone: Personal Hotspots are now an option! There's no question there will be a charge for this, but at least it will appear sooner than later.

Now for the things that are improvements for all devices that will run iOS 4.3: AirPlay will now let you stream from your photo library as a slide show, from App Store apps, and even websites.

Also for everyone is a notable update to Safari. Now the Nitro JavaScript engine will power Safari, making mobile web surfing a little perkier as well.

NOTE: This update is for iPad, iPod touch gens 3 and 4, and ONLY the GSM iPhone. Those shiny new Verizon iPhones will just have to wait.

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