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ModNation Racers reaches 2 million user-created items; more DLC to come


The race to two million user creations in ModNation Racers took considerably longer to finish than the first-miilion milestone (which was achieved in less than three months). Just over nine month's since Modnation's release, the collective community has finally passed the two-million mark in creations -- a wealth of content for players, old and new alike, to share.

PlayStation Blog also confirms that more "official" DLC is on the way, with new karts, characters and prop packs planned. A free "Parts Pack" is already available on the PlayStation Store, and upcoming track packs (used to create new tracks) will include western and pirate themes. Additionally, (official) developer United Front Games is working on new career DLC.

[Image source: Flickr; credit: StargamerX]

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