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The Classifieds: Enrich your character history with in-game RP workshop

The Classifieds brings you weekly news from around the WoW community, including our famous Random Acts of Uberness shout-outs to players who make your WoW sessions memorable.

Pox held a roleplay workshop on Shadow Council (US-H) a few weeks ago. The feedback from the event was excellent; people came by and had a great time. The hosts were knowledgeable and helpful. These workshops look like a great opportunity to expand roleplay in the wild.
The organizers will be hold another event this weekend, March 5 at 6 p.m. Mountain time. If you're curious about the event, check out what they have to say about it:

This time, they're tackling character histories. Creating a backstory that respects WoW's huge history and lore while avoiding some of the common 'traps' and over-done character history pit-falls are just some of the topics the guild will cover. Oh, and there's cake. Lots of cake. For more info, visit The event takes place March 5 at 6 p.m. mountain time at Thunder Bluff's bonfire. Everyone is welcome (alliance are asked to rock the scene in a Horde body).

Random Acts of Uberness

It's when another player lights up your night with precise play, a wicked sense of humor or unexpected generosity that your login becomes something to remember. Share your Random Acts of Uberness with Keep things brief (150 words or less, please), and be sure to list everyone's character names and home realms or battlegroup.

Erynalia of Azuremyst (US-A) "Hello Classifieds - if you could send a shoutout to Erynalia from the guild Echoes of Infinity on Azuremyst Alliance, that would be awesome. Erynalia is a scribe who, when I didn't have the darkmoon card she needed to trade for, just GAVE me the last one I needed to make my deck. If that isn't uber, I don't know what is. Thank you again from Rhii (scribe) and Rhee (resto shammy who is getting a Tsunami card) on Azuremyst! You'll be welcome to a return favor from me any time." -- Rhii/Rhee, Azuremyst (US-A)

Employment: Guild recruitment

Looking for more? Send in your guild name, realm, a link to your guild website or armory listing and a sentence or two on your guild's focus (10-man, RP, late-night raiding, whatever) to

Bad language <Censored> of Madoran (US-A) is recruiting exceptional players for progressive 10-man content. "We are currently 10/12 N, but once we fill our team with loyal members, we will be onto hardmodes quickly," writes the guild's recruiter. "We raid 3 nights a week 8pm-mid CST, with additional optional nights. We are a close and fun group, who work well together not just to progress, but also to complete other achievements like titles and mounts. If you are interested, please fill out an application at"

Immortal <Undying> of Ysera (US-H) is a relaxed group with members who enjoy every type of gameplay. "We are a relaxed group made up of raiders, casuals, very casuals, and some insane asylum escapees. We are now looking to boost our numbers so that we can take our first steps into Cataclysm raids. We have preference for Tanks and Healers to secure our raid teams but DPS are welcome too."

Ranged DPS needed <Regulators> of Kul Tiras (EU-H) is especially looking for ranged DPS players for raiding. "Regulators are one of the oldest Horde guilds in the game today, many of our members have played together since Everquest and earlier. We offer a home to any player who wants to enjoy this game in a group of like minded and friendly players who want a professional and progressive end game. We now have a growing and skilled PVP team who are also recruiting. We are looking for skilled DPS to fit into our existing raid, Raid times Mon/wed/Sunday 2030 -0001 game time with other nights dedicated to PVP and achievements. If you would like to know more please vist"

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