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The Daily Grind: Are our standards for MMOs getting higher or lower?


Here's an interesting conundrum: Are our standards for MMOs getting higher or lower?

In a way, I can see both from the general tone of dedicated MMO fans. On one hand, it certainly seems as though the community demands much more from newer MMOs and has far less patience for mistakes than ever before. It's no longer enough for MMOs to simply be "massive" and "online"; they must contain a wide range of features to satiate all playstyles -- and it all must be highly polished and quickly accessible.

But on the other hand, I've seen complaints that MMOs have been dumbed down to meet the expectations of gamers who don't want to struggle with learning intricate games -- they just want to get in and play. Plenty of MMOs have simplified systems in order to appeal to the widest possible audience, which may signify lowering standards overall.

So what do you think: higher or lower?

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