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Wistron's WiGO 1 and 2 streamers win iF design awards, presumably for strangeness

Chris Ziegler

Though it could easily be mistaken for a dinosaur egg trapped in some prehistoric block of ice, what you're looking at here is actually a set-top box. A media streamer, to be specific. Details are light, but Wistron's so-called WiGO 1 and 2 have showed up at the presentation of iF's annual Product Design Awards at CeBIT, described as "multimedia centers" with HDMI connections that can browse local, networked, and internet content. In the case of the WiGO 1 (pictured above), it looks like the inner "egg" -- where the electronics lie -- has literally no accessible connections, but the reality is that the iF folks simply set it in its display case with the rear facing down. The WiGO 2 is a little more traditional in appearance; the meat of the device is a normal black box at the bottom, topped with a large cube of clear acrylic that gives the package a less geeky, more fashion-forward appearance. See shots of both units below.

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