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Battle: Los Angeles becomes a downloadable FPS for PS3, Xbox and PC


Sony Pictures' upcoming Battle: Los Angeles movie is pretty much a video game. Aliens attack L.A. and the American military swoops in to defend it. It sounds like most every other military sci-fi shooter ever made, which is why "Konami jumped at the opportunity to team up with Columbia Pictures and publish the Battle: Los Angeles video game," says Konami Digital's Careen Yapp.

The downloadable tie-in will "mirror" the story of the feature film. According to Konami's press release, you'll assume the role of a Marine, shooting aliens with an "arsenal of weapons" -- meaning, your standard issue "assault rifle, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, frag grenades, and a turret gun."

TimeShift developer Sabre Interactive is working on the title, which will be released next month on PSN, XBLA and digital PC retailers like Steam. It's gotta be better than the Flash game (pictured above), right?

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