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Firemint announces Real Racing 2 HD, enhanced graphics for iPad 2

Chris Ward

Expect to see a rash of new and/or improved games for the shiny new iPad 2 in the near future. One of the first publishers out of the gate is Firemint, announcing enhanced graphics for Real Racing 2 HD.

Firemint says that although it had no detailed advance knowledge of exactly what iPad 2 would bring, the actual announcement has turned out to suit what they've been developing very well, i.e., gyroscopic controls, faster graphics and a lighter form factor that will be easier on gamers' hands when holding the device.

"Real Racing 2 HD has been significantly enhanced beyond what could work on existing devices, and our efforts have definitely given us a head start on iPad 2," Firemint says. "All these attributes combined with our enhancements to Real Racing 2 HD will create the most precise and intuitive car racing experience on any device. The 1080p HDMI output also opens up some great possibilities." Sounds like those enhanced graphics are going to be really enhanced.

[via MacStories]

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