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LG Optimus Pad listed on for a slightly less crazy €899

Vlad Savov

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Shortly after our first hands-on encounter with LG's Optimus Pad, we came across a press release from the company announcing the price for its 8.9-inch Android Honeycomb tablet in Germany: €999 ($1,380). We rubbed our eyes and pinched our cheeks, but we weren't dreaming -- that's LG's recommended retail price, alright. Now Amazon has listed its pre-order page for the same slinky slate, though it's sagely opted to chop €100 off and offer it up at €899. We still don't know who exactly will be jumping at this opportunity, even with 32GB of onboard storage, a dual-core CPU and a dual-camera array on the back allowing for 3D video recording, when equally or more compelling products are about to hit the market at lower price points. At least shipping's free.

Update: And just like that, Amazon's listing is gone. Did we just alert them to LG's RRP or something?

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