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Star Wars: The Old Republic -- BOOM! Goes the Bounty Hunter


Boba Fett, eat your heart out. Nothing compares to the tricks and tactics of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Bounty Hunter class. IGN was able to give us a sneak peek at the latest class video for BioWare's Star Wars MMO. The Bounty Hunter was the first class to be revealed for SWTOR about two years ago, but it still generates the excitement it always has.

As the video shows us, the Bounty Hunter is all about gadgets -- Holy kriff! Did he just flash-freeze someone in carbonite?! -- right, gadgets. From flamethrowers to jetpacks, these devices are what keeps the Bounty Hunter in business. From the moment we first heard Boba Fett say "As you wish" in the Empire Strikes back, we knew the definition of awesome in the Star Wars universe was "Bounty Hunter."

Catch the full video after the break, check out the IGN interview, then stay tuned to Massively tomorrow as -- most assuredly -- more information will be released on this powerful class.

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