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ASUS' Jerry Shen pledges 3D tablet, MeeGo and Android netbooks, plus a 2012 Windows Phone

Vlad Savov

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ASUS (A-seuss) CEO Jerry Shen is rarely a man without a good quote or two for journalists and this year's CeBIT has been no exception. Sitting down for a chat with some Russian scribes, Shen outlined ASUS' general product roadmap, which includes a 3D tablet (the iPad 2-threatening secret weapon, perhaps?), Atom-based netbooks for both MeeGo and Android platforms, and a Windows Phone device that should be with us next year. An aside from his PR aide Mae Wang also states that ASUS aims to be second in the tablet market by 2012, with a giant five to eight percent market share. We're sure the Apple board are all shaking in their hemp sandals right now. Anyhow, hit up the source for the full story.

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