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EverQuest giving away 12 one-year subscriptions for its 12th anniversary

Twelve years ago, several brave adventurers took their first steps into the world of EverQuest and helped to shape the MMO genre. Now, Sony Online Entertainment is gearing up to celebrate all the myriad achievements between that first day and now -- and the company is kicking everything off with a huge giveaway just perfect for dedicated Norrathians! Earlier today SOE announced a Facebook contest that will hook a dozen lucky winners up with a full year of EverQuest game time. However, much like the game it honors, this giveaway quest is only for those adventurers who savor a challenge.

Starting today, the SOE community team will post a daily image on Facebook that has a trivia question on it. All you have to do is drop by the EverQuest Facebook page, look at the image, and mail your answer in to the company's contest email address. From there, one winner will be picked from all the correct answers received each day until all 12 days' worth of giveaways are done. So, if you're up on your Norrathian trivia and would like to land some free game time, then point your browser at the SOE Facebook page and check out all the details!

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