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The Daily Grind: How do you feel about recycling content?

Eliot Lefebvre

When World of Warcraft announced that it was bringing back two older dungeons as new content, people cried foul for many reasons. Some were upset that Blizzard seemed to be trying to steal the thunder of RIFT's launch, but others were unhappy that the "new" content was the same as pre-existing content with a slight twist. Of course, one could argue the boss fights are new, the rewards are new, and the overall mechanics are new, meaning the only real points of similarity are the maps and the boss names. Depending on the individual, it's either a shameless re-use of older assets or a nice trip down memory lane.

Some players are happy to see recycled content -- it's a chance for players who missed the original to experience a part of the game's history, and veterans get to go back to an area they're already familiar with. Other players are angry to see the old content turned obsolete in the first place, or they just don't like that the "new" material is just a retuning of something they've already done and moved past. What do you think? Do you like seeing recycled and remade content, or do you want your new material to be all-fresh? Or do you want to see a mixture of both in the update queue?

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