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'Unleash' your Xbox Avatar with wall graphics and figures


Admit it, you like your Xbox Live Avatar. It's like an action figure version of yourself. But what if you could have a real-life action figure of your Avatar? Wouldn't that be awesome?

If you want to indulge your more narcissistic tendencies, Microsoft has some new options to "unleash" your Avatar: Decorate your home with you -- get a custom wall print to make your Avatar larger than life; or have your Avatar stand proudly next to your GI Joe collection by ordering a miniature figurine; or even have your Avatar etched onto the back of a Zune media player.

Before you unleash, check your wallet. A "jumbo" wall print will set you back $150, while a 16GB Zune with Avatar etching costs $170. In comparison, the $60 asking price for a figurine doesn't sound so bad.

[Thanks Ben F!]

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