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HTC Thunderbolt shows up in latest Best Buy circular for $300 on contract

Chris Ziegler

There's been debate since mid-February whether the Thunderbolt would end up launching at $250 or $300, but the very latest Best Buy circular -- the one that you should find in your Sunday newspaper right this second -- has it listed at $299.99. LTE or not, that's a heart-stopping price for a single-core phone that's really a re-hash of a design that's been floating around since the HD2... though we suppose you can justify it a little easier if you use it in place of a phone plus a separate LTE USB modem. The funniest part of this circular, though, might be the fact that Best Buy has three 4.3-inch HTCs for different carriers lined up side by side, ranging in price from $99.99 all the way up to the Thunderbolt. Is it really $200 better than the Inspire 4G? At any rate, it's still not clear what date we'll see these in stores -- but regardless, start putting aside those pennies.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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