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GDC 2011: TERA Smuggler's Hideout video details party dynamics

Jef Reahard

GDC 2011 has come and gone, but the next week promises to bring a ton of additional coverage from the recently concluded show. GameTrailers has weighed in with its new video recap of En Masse Entertainment's TERA presentation, which took the form of a demo party running through the Smuggler's Hideout dungeon.

You may remember Smuggler's Hideout from our own GDC coverage last week, and now you can feast your eyes on the visuals as well as a few of the party dynamics that TERA brings to the table. The gameplay is narrated by associate producer Stefan Ramirez, and he highlights the different class roles, paying particular attention to the Priest character he's controlling.

TERA's action combat features a bit of a learning curve if you're used to traditional MMORPG healer classes. You can't tab target your group mates and spam heal buttons, and you'll need to move around quite a bit in order to maximize your AoEs and avoid taking damage. Check out all the details after the break.

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