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Nokia X1-00 is ultra cheap, ultra loud

Chris Ziegler

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Nokia's just-announced X1-00 candybar has exactly two claims to fame: first, at €34 ($47) unsubsidized, it's one of the cheapest phones that the company has ever offered. Second, it's got a gigantic loudspeaker mounted on the back that promises 105 phon of perceived loudness (no, we didn't know that was a unit of measurement, either) -- apparently enough to rattle glass without distortion. As with many other devices targeted at emerging markets, the X1-00 featured an integrated LED flashlight, FM radio, and five distinct contact lists, good for sharing the phone among multiple members of the family. It's also got a microSD slot good for up to 16GB of expansion, a color display, and Nokia's entry-level Series 30 operating system. Look for it in April in your choice of flashy colors.

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