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Runes of Magic shows off a teaser trailer for Chapter 4

Eliot Lefebvre

There's a lot to look forward to in the upcoming Runes of Magic chapter 4, as outlined by our own Jeremy Stratton quite recently. But sometimes, the promise of new systems can't quite stand up to an impressive new set of visuals, and a minute of video can provide plenty of excitement in ways that game mechanics usually can't. The newest trailer for the update, now dubbed Lands of Despair, should do an excellent job of drumming up player enthusiasm.

Featuring a slow zoom-in accompanied by a steady and suitably creepy voice-over, the trailer is a step beyond any of the previous trailers the team has put together. The full trailer can be viewed on the game's official YouTube channel, and it provides an impressive cavalcade of imagery both unsettling and dramatic. Runes of Magic players might not have a precise date for the patch just yet, but between the visuals and the system changes, there's plenty to anticipate.

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