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Tune into EVE's live dev blog on fiction and content design tonight


Back in January, EVE Online developer CCP Games revived a much-loved old habit by bringing back regular live dev blogs. Up until a few years ago, live dev blogs were used as a way for players to chat with developers directly and ask them questions about upcoming changes or features. As EVE's playerbase grew, it became impractical for the devs to host live chats and answer the questions of players directly. At the start of this year, CCP took advantage of EVE's integrated voice chat service, EVE Voice, to bring back live dev blogs. The first developer chat on game design in the Incursion expansion was a big success, with a large number of players tuning in to participate.

Tonight at 5:00 p.m. EST (22:00 EVE Time/GMT), CCP Shadow will lead a new live audio dev blog session on EVE fiction and game content. Developers t0nyG and Abraxas will be talking about the Immersion project, which aims to link EVE's powerful backstory with gameplay. CCP Soundwave, Gnauton, and Big Dumb Object will then be tackling the topic of content design. Players have written in with plenty of questions for the team on EVE's backstory and content development, which will also be answered in tonight's session. To join in, just log into EVE, join the chat channel "Live Dev Blog" before 5:00 p.m. EST tonight and join EVE Voice.

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