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Apple TV update adds MLB, NBA streaming


It's not just the mobile iOS devices that got some update love today. The current-model Apple TV also has a software update (to version 4.2), which adds some intriguing features for sports fans.

The marquee features of this update are the additions of MLB.TV and NBA Game Time as streaming content options. Subscribers to these services (starting at $20/mo for the baseball side, and $65 for the NBA season) get streaming video of games, on-demand content and more. It's a big step towards enabling the Apple TV as a digital hub for the living room -- although, as pointed out, the Roku and Boxee devices have had this capability for a while (not to mention the Sony PS3).

Beyond the new streaming content, the update includes 5.1 Dolby sound for Netflix streaming, an improved onscreen keyboard, new slideshow themes, and the souped-up AirPlay feature to work with iOS 4.3 devices. Lots to enjoy!

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