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The Queue: The right and wrong ways to post Recount results


Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft.

I'm having a bear of a time with the game lately.

This Queue has just gone multimedia.

Withervein asked:

Is there proper etiquette for posting Recount results? Some people find it useful, others see it as bragging.

This can be a little complicated. Sometimes I think it's okay, and other times I think it's just gloating. There is a time when I almost would never do it, though, and that's in 5-man PuGs. If someone asks for it, send it to them in /tells if you're so inclined, but people who post it after every 5-man boss fight or trash pull ... yikes. They quickly make it onto my ignore list.

In raids, a lot of guilds have rules against posting meters during the raid. Afterwards, the stats are broken down via whatever log analysis tool is being used, and it's okay then to talk about meters. But during the course of the night, I find that meters often get in the way of what matters -- downing bosses. Of course, the raid leader should have Recount up the entire time, making sure that someone isn't just auto-attacking -- but that's the raid leader's job, probably not yours.

I do think it's okay, if the environment is right, for meters to be posted in private channels. In DPS chat channels I've been in, someone will post meters at the end of each fight (or in the middle of it when they get a bunch of crits and look really cool). In private channels, everyone is there for a reason, and likely there's a "norm" established. Just remember that such norms usually don't carry over to the raid channel.

When in doubt? Don't post it. Someone doing low DPS is unlikely to change because his bad numbers are being shoved in his face.

z3bulin asked:

In your opinion, Zul'Aman/Zul'gurub, recycled or awesome?

Both. It's been so long since I've gotten to do ZG for anything other than a "fun" run that I'm really looking forward to going back in and having it count. I think it'll be a lot like The Deadmines for me: a great old memory that's got lots of new and amazing things.

Zul'Aman, I'm a little less excited about, given the more recent memories of farming it nonstop for people's bears (pictured above; I used to get a lot of crap on WoW Insider ~3 years ago for posting pictures of myself on a bear "all the time," so I thought it was only appropriate that I do it now, too). Still going to be fun to run it, though.

Daniel asked:

Why are there no armor set achievements?

This is a really good idea, but it'd need to be done across all classes and all gear sets (which is a lot), and I'm sure that the underlying mechanics to make this achievement work are more complicated than just "eat 20 different meats."

That being said, Blizzard has generally been moving towards a reemphasis on gear and running older content, so part of me wonders if something like this would encourage that kind of behavior.

I know folks at the Big Cold Blue read this, so maybe they'll pick up the idea and like it!

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