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TUAW's Daily App: Geo Walk


Geo Walk is an interesting title from Vito Technology, the folks behind the popular Star Walk and Solar Walk apps. They originally released Geo Walk a little less than a year ago, but the app wasn't quite as developed as their other titles (and presumably didn't do as well as those either). So Vito went back to the drawing board, revamped the app completely, and the new version is now available on the App Store, at 99 cents for the iPhone, or $2.99 for the iPad.

The new app is still an educational title focusing on giving information about various places, people, and plants and animals from different areas all over the world, and rather than just a 3D globe, there are now a few different views, including a new card view to check out. There's also a new quiz mode, which asks questions based on the information on the cards, letting you quiz yourself or others about the various facts.

It's an interesting app, and if nothing else, it's a good example of just how flexible the App Store can be -- if an app doesn't work the first time around, a developer can go back and try again. If you've already downloaded Geo Walk, the big update is free, and well worth checking out.

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