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PEGI spanks Ubisoft, demands it pull We Dare ads from internet


Ubisoft no doubt intended for its kinky We Dare ad campaign to turn some heads and, in one way or another, it has definitely succeeded. Despite the fact that that the game will now sport a parental warning sticker and will not be released in the UK or US, European ratings board PEGI is now asking Ubisoft to remove We Dare ads from the internet entirely.

Gamasutra reports that PEGI's imposing-sounding "Enforcement Committee" has demanded that Ubisoft pull the ads from the internet within three working days or risk a fine. According to PEGI, the ads do not "accurately reflect the nature and content of the product and it misleads consumers as to its true nature."

Alas, whether Ubisoft pulls the ads or not, the damage is done. You can't stop the signal, PEGI. It's basic science.

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