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Reggie admits that Nintendo is 'juggling two big balls'


Speaking to IGN on the current state of the Wii -- which has seen few first party releases lately -- Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime admitted that the company has "pushed out some Wii launches so that [Nintendo] could focus on our handheld business." Fils-Aime was referring to the launches of Pokemon Black/White and the 3DS, saying that Nintendo is "already juggling two big balls" and that adding more to the company's plate would have proven "a little bit challenging."

Fils-Aime reassured Wii owners that "there's content coming, and we'll be sharing more, certainly, in the weeks ahead." He added that there will be new content released before E3 and that there will be "more news" revealed at the expo this June.

Finally, Fils-Aime teased The Legend of Zelda's impending 25th anniversary, which was briefly mentioned by Satoru Iwata during Nintendo's GDC keynote earlier this month. "All I can tell you," said Fils-Aime, "is that it will be different than what we did for Mario, and it will be just as special." If it's anything other than free ocarinas, we'll be disappointed.

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