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Xbox 360 has biggest non-holiday month ever

Justin McElroy

Amongst all the NPD celebration, Microsoft arguably had the most reason to party: Xbox 360 sold 535,000 units in February of 2011, its biggest non-holiday month ever, up 27 percent over last year.

"We attribute it to Kinect momentum, as well as getting stock back in. People who wanted one in December are finally able to get one," Microsoft spokesperson David Dennis said.

That said, Microsoft has likely ridden the end of the Kinect holiday wave, as the demand has pretty much normalized. "There are still pockets," Dennis said. "I know the 250 GB bundles are still relatively hard to find."

A big hardware success for Kinect doesn't necessarily mean a glut of new titles, at least none that Microsoft is willing to talk about. "We think there are still a lot of amazing experiences out there that were part of launch," Dennis said. "There's a lot of stuff in the pipeline."

Though none of those experiences made it into the top 10 this month, Dennis said sales have been steadier than you'd see with a mainstream blockbuster.

"We're happy with it. Kinect was so new, so revolutionary, I would imagine people probably wanted to take it home and try it, make sure it worked and did as it was promised to do. Then you see sort of a long tail where, you know, kids are having a birthday party and you go buy Sports. We certainly don't expect to see the typical sales curve you'd seen in a Call of Duty."

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