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EX trike powered by dual electric screwdrivers, designed by eccentrics


We've seen some pretty wild-looking means of transportation in our day -- the FOF-inducing BMW Flymag concept and Airbike 3D-printed nylon bicycle, for example -- and now comes a vehicle that practically defies description: the EX. In what can only be described as over-engineering run amok, this custom-built three-wheeler is powered by two electric screwdrivers and can hurtle one brave soul headfirst down the road at speeds up to 30km/h (almost 19mph for those using real units of measure). The joint connecting the front and rear portions of the frame lets riders steer with "organically floating movement" that leans the driver into every turn -- hopefully the handling is a bit more predictable than the trike's design. So, if you're lining up to buy one in a parallel universe, there's just one question left to answer... Philips or flat-head?

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