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TUAW's Daily App: VelaClock


Yes, before you ask, we are choosing to spotlight a clock app for the iPhone. And yes, we know that every iPhone already has the time right there on the lock screen. But take a look at the interface on this thing -- it's been thought through so well that just that first page, with the bars and flags, is packed with more information than you'd ever need to know at any one time. Not only do you get the date and time, but you also get day length, countdown to sunrise and sunset and even the timing for dusk and dawn for all of those locations, all relayed in a visually simple and intuitive way. Pretty impressive.

Here's another example of the thought that went into this app: When the creators switched up the UI and their users cried foul, they decided to simply release both the old and the new UI as two different apps, so people could choose what they wanted to use (and for users who wanted the new UI and owned the old app, they're asking to be contacted so they can resolve the situation). I don't care of it's a clock app or a financial planning app -- I like a developer who acts that directly on customer feedback.

So VelaClock is available in two flavors, classic and brand new, and it's US$3.99 for either version. You may argue that that's too much for a simple clock app, and that's fine -- there are plenty of apps on sale this weekend if you'd like one of those.

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