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Unnamed Nokia Touch and Type slider leaks out

Chris Ziegler

Nokia has said that it'll continue to push Series 40 hard as it transitions from Symbian to Windows Phone on the high end -- and some concrete evidence of that strategy has leaked out this week. This attractive little gadget appears to be a slider remake of the X3-02 Touch and Type launched late last year, combining a numeric keypad with a touch-enabled version of Nokia's mainstream dumbphone platform. The fact that they're concealing the keypad here seems to be a tacit admission that the UI is designed to be completely usable from end to end without hitting buttons, which is the way everything's going these days. The name of the new model is unclear -- if you zoom into the upper left of the image, it looks like this phone's got "C0" on it, which is the generic model number Nokia slaps on most of its prototypes -- but considering the shape, we wouldn't be surprised if it ended up falling into the C series.

[Thanks, momchil]

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