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Insomniac launches social/Facebook game division 'Insomniac Click'


Insomniac Games is now the company behind Ratchet & Clank, Resistance ... and Facebook games. Timed to coincide with a SXSW Interactive panel (at which Joystiq is seated right this second), Insomniac's Ryan Schneider announced the creation of "Insomniac Click," a division of the company devoted to the creation of web and mobile games.

It's based in Burbank, home of Insomniac's current operations. But it's a new team, made up of people newly hired for social games, so it shouldn't take resources away from games about shooting aliens or making prurient jokes about weapons.

In a blog post about the new division, Brian Hastings said that "Insomniac Click is dedicated to taking the qualities that define our brand – deep worlds, rich stories, accessible gameplay – and applying them to new game experiences that anyone in the world can play." Insomniac hasn't said exactly what its first social game will be, but you can read a lengthy manifesto about game design and social games (and why they aren't really great yet!) here.

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