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Android and Marvell to join forces in the Nixeus Fusion XS media streamer

Tim Stevens

Android's has already hit the set top box world with the Google TV, but that isn't true Android. This is, packing Android 2.2. Or, at least, it will be when it ships sometime toward the middle of the year. It's the Nixeus Fusion XS, a Marvell 88DE3010-powered media streamer with 2GB of flash memory and 512MB of RAM, and unfortunately a little processor fan that hopefully doesn't make too much noise. That's the same Armada processor that drives the OnLive MicroConsole and hopefully it'll give enough oomph for FroYo to serve up HD video content, including BD-ISO support and whatever else the little, ebony thing can pull down over USB or Ethernet, spitting it back over composite and optical audio output or on one string of HDMI. It's looking rather less powerful than the similarly Android-powered Xtreamer PVR, but its anticipated cost of $170 should be a good bit lower. Oh, and we can't wait to see what the hackers do with it either.

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