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Breakfast Topic: Do you still play your first character?

Andrew Ross

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

For many, World of Warcraft was the first (and to some, the only) MMO we have ever played. In WoW, our first step into Azeroth is the level 1 character we choose for the first time. That race and class combination can be the reason you fell in love with WoW, or it may the reason you never made it past the 10-day trial. Luckily, we aren't committed to just one class, and we can take each class for a test run until we find the one we like.

With the number of race and class combinations available today, it can be hard to find people who still play their first gnome warrior or night elf priest. That gnome warrior may have become a human warrior when race changes became available, or the gnome was sent into the nether. The night elf priest may now be a worgen priest. Some people still play the first class they ever made. Others have a menagerie of alts because they love to play every class.

I myself made a gnome rogue when I first started to play WoW. My friends played Alliance, so my choices were already narrowed down. I looked over each of the races, decided that humans were too boring. The night elves resembled hippies, which didn't suit me. It came down to the dwarves and the gnomes. I looked at the gnomes first, and when I looked at a gnome rogue, I visualized what it might be like to play one. The thought of a pint-sized terror stealthily moving through the shadows, popping out and stabbing you in the knees, then vanishing again, made me laugh. A few weeks later, I created a dwarf hunter that fast became my main. My rogue is still around; he just doesn't see very much action aside from an occasional Arathi Basin match.

Do you still play the first character you ever created? Has he or she gone through a race change or even a faction change?


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