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City of Heroes posts updates to the global server change

Eliot Lefebvre

While nothing quite compares to a new expansion pack, Paragon Studios still surprised City of Heroes fans when it announced at PAX East that both the American and European servers were going to be merged into a single list. The team is looking to head off most further questions with a recently released FAQ regarding the changeover, which will also see European account holders rolled into the existing database. It also enumerates the benefits to the community as a whole, allowing both regions equal access to testing and special events while expanding the total number of servers available for each player.

In the case of name conflicts for the global chat channel, a player originally from the European servers will be given a temporary handle based on his character's name and a free change to said handle. According to the official statement, the number of affected players is expected to be fairly small, and actual character names will not be affected as the servers aren't merging in any way. Expected to be fully rolled out by the end of the summer, this latest change to City of Heroes won't help any content slumps but will help foster more international community efforts for the game.

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