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Jade Dynasty dev diary previews Spring Content Update

Jef Reahard

There's a new content update coming to Jade Dynasty later this month, and Perfect World Entertainment has released an accompanying video dev diary that aims to give interested fans an early look-see.

The video is hosted by Jade Dynasty community manager Greenthorne, and he walks us through a brief demo of the game's new Chroma skills. These skills are affinity-specific and grant access to a wide range of powerful abilities. Chroma skills are quite devastating, and as such, aren't easily obtained. Greenthorne hints at a series of trials that players will undergo in order to unlock the skills and also mentions that skill power may be increased by contributing to the destruction of the game's dragon gates via various quests.

User interface enhancements are also coming courtesy of the Spring Update. The events list has been renamed JD Revelations and now features information relating to weekly events, dungeon timers, battlegrounds, level requirements, and bosses. The boss tab is particularly interesting given that it tells a player just about everything worth knowing about various Jade Dynasty boss mobs including respawn rate, recommended level, and related loot drops. The tab even provides an auto-routing function for players having a hard time navigating to a particular boss. Check out the new enhancements in the video after the cut.

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