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Naruto and Dynasty Warriors mashed together in a Narultimate Impact


Koei's attempts to infuse Dynasty Warriors gameplay with anime style have met with less than stellar results. Perhaps it'll work better if another company accepts the challenge? We'll find out this fall when Namco Bandai releases Narultimate Impact for PSP in Japan.

According to Japanese magazine leaks summarized by Siliconera, Narultimate Impact will be a Warriors-style game (think one player versus thousands of enemy soldiers) set in the Naruto universe. So if "a lot of talking about 'jutsus'" was the one thing you thought was missing from Dynasty Warriors, this could be the game for you.

Siliconera previously found a trademark listing for "Ultimate Ninja Impact" in both Europe and the US, and the site speculates that this could be the Western subtitle for the game.

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