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Riddler takes on bigger role (specifically Jigsaw's role) in Batman: Arkham City

Though The Riddler remained an off-screen distraction through the duration of Batman: Arkham Asylum, developer Rocksteady Studios is bringing Mr. Edward Nigma to the forefront in this year's Arkham City. But how will they update the puzzle-obsessed villain for Rocksteady's grittier Gotham?

Easy: Turn him into Jigsaw from the Saw movies! While much of that Saw comparison comes from the me-too trailer – seriously, imagine a Saw trailer but replace Jigsaw's baritone with Riddler's alto – it would appear Nigma is testing Bat's brains (read: your brains) by creating puzzles to solve. If you fail, an innocent denizen of Gotham dies. WBIE's being stingy with the assets, so all we've got to offer you are these images and our word. We'll update this post, or run another, when Warner's done milking this announcement for all it's worth.

[Update: We heard back from the PR outfit handling Arkham City and were told the video – yeah, the one that we saw almost two weeks ago – won't be available until a "later date."]

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