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Verizon prepares to storm Alaska, LTE and all

Chris Ziegler

As our own Darren Murph discovered, Alaska's an amazing enough place so that you probably couldn't care less that you don't have access to high-speed Verizon data. But let's be honest: it's nice to have... and, of course, competition never hurts. To that end, Big Red has announced that it's planning a full-scale attack on the 49th state complete with LTE -- though it's not yet saying what cities will be in on the action or exactly when it'll be available. AT&T's currently the state's largest provider, so really, Verizon will be entering the market to do the same battle it's doing across most of the Continental 48. Alaskans, are you ready for a wireless rumble the likes of which you've never seen before?

[Thanks, Kyle]

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