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World of Tanks Clan Wars signups begin

Jef Reahard

Since our GDC sit-down with CEO Victor Kislyi, we've been quite anxious to get our hands on the World of Tanks Clan Wars mechanic. Happily, the system is just about ready for prime time, and the company has put out a press release announcing official clan signups for both European and North American servers.

The Clan Wars action takes place on a global map that is divided into several provinces. Each province features its own particular revenue stream, and intends for hundreds of clans to duke it out for territorial control rights. Clan Wars will also feature economic and diplomatic systems, making it an entirely new play option for fans of World War II-based armored conflict.

"Clan Wars is not just a new game mode, but rather a separate gameplay layer or meta-game designed to provide years of fun and action for those fond of strategic thinking, politics, alliances, and intrigue," Kislyi explains.

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