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Yahoo Widgets app store delayed


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Yahoo announced it would bring out a full app store for its Connected TV platform in March but IDG reports that it won't be available to consumers this month after all. According to a letter from a spokesperson, and updated version of the platform will be available to OEM partners by the end of this month, and after certification is completed it will be pushed out to existing TVs... at some point in the future. As far as the next step for the platform, it has scheduled a developer event for March 24th, and just dropped the latest edition of the developer's kit yesterday with a few new features. Of course, as ZatzNotFunny points out, platform reliability has occasionally been an issue, while we haven't many problems with our Vizio test unit, it is still waiting to get the new firmware update enabling Hulu Plus playback and USB access that was announced back at CES, so here's to smart TV platforms (hopefully) picking up the pace for the rest of 2011.

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