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Amazon Appstore for Android briefly exposed, shows off some aggressive pricing

Chris Ziegler

It's gone now, but for a brief while, navigating your way over to apparently revealed a little bit of magic and wonder that's going into Amazon's upcoming Appstore for Android. That alone isn't too interesting -- it really just looks like any other Amazon page, it seems -- but what is interesting is that the company appears ready to make good on its promise to undercut the Market in some places and offer exclusives in others. Notably, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Force Recon isn't showing up in the Market, which is a pretty big title... and of course, Rovio will have an Angry Birds exclusive in there pretty shortly, too. As much as the idea of having to visit multiple app stores on a platform seems like a lot of trouble, the ability to cross-shop is something that we take for granted in the "real world" -- and Amazon knows a whole lot about putting other retailers in the hurt locker. This could get interesting fast.

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