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Bed Intruder Song 'coming soon' to Rock Band Network


Rock Band Network production company -- er, "dude" -- Kario Charts will test the staying power of last summer's Bed Intruder meme when he releases "Bed Intruder Song" on the service in the coming days. Kario has uploaded a video preview of the Rock Band build on YouTube (sing along after the break), confirming on the Rock Band Forums that he "signed" the song's creator, The Gregory Brothers, to a contract back in December (he also has the rights to create an RBN version of the group's "Double Rainbow" ditty).

The untimely delay of "Bed Intruder Song" on RBN is due in part to the integration of Rock Band 3 Pro Keys charting, and Kario continues to make tweaks to the track based on feedback in the forums. RBN members will be able to playtest the song at the end of the week, when Kario plans to upload it for the first time.

Kario has also teased RBN releases of other viral virtuosos' works, including Ronald Jenkees' "Throwing Fire" ("Guitar Sound" is already available) and a collection of guitarist Erik Mongrain's songs, featuring "AirTap!"

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