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If you don't have an iPhone: Apple ads posted to YouTube


The new iPhone television ads that debuted earlier this week have made it to Apple's website and to the company's official YouTube channel, just for your viewing pleasure. The three ads all share the "If you don't have an iPhone..." tagline, and they focus on the App Store, iPod/iTunes and iBooks respectively.

As TAB points out, the inclusion of iBooks as a selling point for the iPhone is a little bit odd -- the iOS-only bookstore doesn't match up well against Amazon's multiplatform Kindle offering, which lets you read your books on iPhone, iPad, PCs and Macs (not to mention Kindle devices). Amazon is even working towards a web-only Kindle reader, which will further expand the e-book universe. Barnes & Noble's Nook also has a more flexible device profile for reading e-books.

The post over at The Apple Blog speculates that the increased focus on iBooks may be foreshadowing the June 30 enforcement of Apple's in-app sales rules, which may make for a less welcoming environment for the third-party reader apps. We'll have to see.

All three ads are viewable in the continuation of this post.

Thanks to Ethan for the heads-up.

Apple's new ads:

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