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Hi-Rez puts Global Agenda on sale, 100% of proceeds going to disaster victims

Jef Reahard

Lots of game companies are stepping up to offer financial support to the victims of the recent disasters that have devastated Japan. Atlanta-based Hi-Rez Studios is going one better, as the indie MMO developer has placed its flagship title on sale for the weekend and is donating 100% of the resulting proceeds to Red Cross relief efforts.

That's right, we said 100%, and from March 18th through March 20th, purchasing Global Agenda from the Hi-Rez online store will not only net you the premier MMO shooter at a $20.00 discount but send much-needed funds to our friends in the Pacific.

Global Agenda is completely free-to-play after the initial client purchase, and Hi-Rez offers booster packs to speed your in-game advancement and credit/token acquisition.

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