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NCsoft makes multi-million dollar Japanese relief donation

Jef Reahard

Earlier we told you about Hi-Rez Studios and its efforts to help victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. NCsoft is also throwing a considerable contribution into the relief drive in the form of 500 million Yen (or 4.5 million Euros/6.3 million USD, for those of you counting along at home).

NCsoft's Sung Joon Park explained that the sum equals a month's worth of sales, adding that the South Korean gaming giant would not be shutting off game services. "We'll maintain the service with minimal electricity and personnel. Maintaining daily life is also important, therefore we plan to uphold the service."

Kotaku puts NCsoft's gift into perspective, noting that the South Korean MMO maker is a big deal in Asia, where its contributions to the Japanese recovery outstrip notables including Nintendo, Sony, and Hyundai.

[Thanks to cic for the tip!]

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