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Barf! River City Ransom 2 in the works, coming to consoles and PC

We know a lot of you have been looking for closure for twenty long years. Where are Alex and Ryan now? What about River City High? Are Ryan and Cyndi still together?

Where is River City Ransom 2?

Japanese dev Miracle Kidz, comprised of some of the series' original developers, told Impress Watch (via Siliconera) that the sequel is in development for both consoles and PC. The console release should be "this summer" while PC owners will need to wait until "next year." There's no word on which consoles Miracle Kidz is targeting, but its River City Ransom-styled Downtown Smash Dodgeball is on Xbox Live Indie Games and being ported to WiiWare, so those two platforms seem as likely as any.

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