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HTC Thunderbolt hits $175 price point with LetsTalk -- but only for this weekend

Vlad Savov

LetsTalk has this morning dropped its price for the HTC Thunderbolt from $200 all the way down to the so-far unmatched level of $175. This applies when bought with the obligatory two-year service plan and will be available to all willing customers, whether they be new to Verizon, adding an extra line, or upgrading their current phone. It also betters Amazon's $180 price in one other important aspect: Amazon's Thunderbolts are on back order at present, whereas LetsTalk has immediate stock and will even cover the cost of shipping. All good things must come to an end, however, and this discounted pricing will last only until Monday, at which point the cost will revert to a more sustainable point for the retailer. That said, we'd advise against rushing in unless you're categorically sure -- LetsTalk will ding you for $250 if you don't stick to the contract that goes with this handset for at least 181 days.

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