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Black Prophecy blasts off in Europe today

Jef Reahard

T-minus three, two, one... and that sound you hear is the latest space-based MMORPG lifting off the launch pad, heading for the stratosphere and the stars beyond. At least, that's what gamigo and Reakktor are hoping when it comes to Black Prophecy, which officially takes a bow in Europe today.

Beta characters, clans, and clan sectors will be wiped for the kickoff, and Black Prophecy will initially feature both an English and a German server. Snowcrash (no, not that one) has posted a note informing customers of impending forum downtime and has also let us know that game updates will be available via the launcher application while the launch-day forum restructuring is in progress.

"This is not an end. It's a beginning; the foundation is laid and we will now move forward with the continued development of Black Prophecy after its release," says assistant production manager Chris "Snowcrash" Schutt. While you're waiting to log in -- or stuck at work -- check out our coverage roundup after the cut and get caught up on the biggest Black Prophecy news items from the past few months.

gamigo buys Black Prophecy
All remaining shares of Reakktor Media remain under the control of the company's CEO, Kirk Lenke, which effectively puts all development control moving forward between Reakktor and gamigo.
Video shows off Black Prophecy voice work
Whether this upcoming free-to-play game is on your personal radar or you're more the type who is fascinated with the overall industry, it's a video worth spending a few minutes of your life to check out.
Black Prophecy UI details uncovered
Travis, otherwise known as "Nexiom," has helped fill the void of information about the long-in-development space shooter with an interesting breakdown of the game's interface.
Black Prophecy clan system outlined
The word is that players will have to complete faction missions and gather enough resources and members, then they will be able to request their own chunk of space in which to build their clan station.
Black Prophecy trailer released
The teaser, which clocks in at just under two minutes, is full of fast and furious space combat footage from the upcoming free-to-play MMORPG.
Black Prophecy crafting detailed
In addition to modular ship-building, Black Prophecy also features a traditional crafting system for ship and station components.
E3 2010: A look inside Black Prophecy
So if you're curious about just what this upcoming space shoot-em-up F2P title has to offer in terms of mechanics -- or perhaps even surprises -- then join us behind the break.
E3 2010: Black Prophecy battle video
They've released a new two-and-a-half-minute trailer for Black Prophecy that features PvP and clan combat, as well as a glimpse of the missions fighter jockeys can accept.
Black Prophecy ship building detailed
It will take strategy and planning to properly equip your ship. Players need to level up certain skills just to be able to equip some modules, and you'll need to check that your components are compatible with each other.

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