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Prey 2 has parkour-style movement, new main character


We already met Killian Samuels -- Prey 2's notorious "sky cop" and main character -- in the game's first teaser, we just didn't know it at the time. According to the newest issue of Game Reactor (via NeoGAF), Samuels is a sheriff and prison guard, though neither title explains the bizarre glowing electronics in the middle of his forehead.

Anyway, Samuels will apparently be employing free-running ("parkour") as he bounds away from enemies in chase scenes, and will otherwise use the game's large areas for shadow-sneaking (as well as shadow-murdering enemies, of course). The game supposedly won't have any multiplayer, motion, or 3D support, and is said to be open-ended in terms of structure. Also, crucially, Game Reactor's interview with developer Human Head promises a wide variety of the game's iconic door ... things. And no, we refuse to explain that last bit any further.

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