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Report: Wife says no, Apple says yes to iPad 2


The folks over at MacRumors heard a story that's unsourced and most likely apocryphal, but it's just too good to not share. According to "an individual close to Apple," the company in Cupertino has been going over iPad 2 returns in order to keep track of various problems with the new tablet, and among the returns was one affixed with just a little Post-it note saying something every would-be early tech adopter husband will probably understand: "Wife says no."

Supposedly, the return was sent up the corporate lines as something funny, and as MacRumors says, "two of the VPs got wind of it." They decided to do something nice for the guy and reportedly sent him out a free iPad 2, along with their own note: "Apple says yes."

Very cute. We've contacted Apple to see if there's any truth to this one, and we'll let you know if we hear back. Urban legend or not, it's a great story.

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