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See what's being crafted for Minecraft documentary donors


2 Player Productions' Minecraft: The Story of Mojang has raised $160,269 through Kickstarter so far, so it's safe to say that production on the documentary will continue. However, you still have through March 26 to throw additional funds into 2PP's war chest to help get the film made -- and 2PP has some pretty convincing reasons for you to do so.

The studio sent us concept art of the bonus items being produced by Fangamer, to be distributed to fans who contribute to the Kickstarter fund at different levels. For example, the "Box Pig" bank above is yours if you put in $500 or more -- and you get the wind-up Creeper, the DVD set, the signed print, and more. You can see the full breakdown of support levels online, and you can see all the concepts for bonuses in our gallery. We're trying to decide between just a DVD and a pickaxe wall plaque.

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