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Two Bosses Enter: Ozruk and Asaad kick off Cataclysm season one

Alex Ziebart

In Two Bosses Enter, WoW Insider's series of fantasy death matches, the bosses of World of Warcraft face off in the squared circle. Your vote determines who wins and claims the season title.

No, ladies and gentlemen, you are not hallucinating. Due to popular demand Two Bosses Enter is making its comeback today, pitting boss against boss to separate the best from the rest. Every Monday we list the rules and abilities, then you vote for the winner. As each winning boss moves on, we create the new match up and the battle continues until only one boss is left standing.

In this first season of the Cataclysm world tour, there are a few details of the format you should know about.
  • Not every boss is included in this season of Two Bosses Enter. We've chosen 16 participants. If your favorites are missing from the roster, let us know in the comments and we'll try to include them next season.
  • Of those 16 participants, you only know 12 of them. There are four wild cards in the roster, and you won't know who they are until the week they enter the ring for the first time.
  • We've returned to a purely poll-based system of determining winners. However, particularly creative comments about the encounter will be highlighted when the winner is announced the following week.
  • You can see this season's tournament ladder right here.

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Now, on to the matchup: Ozruk versus Asaad! Ready? Fight!

The rules of the ring

  • The WoW Insider Ring is considered neutral territory, where both combatants are able to access their usual encounter mechanics and abilities. If you can't visualize it inside the squared circle, visualize it someplace else -- but you must take into consideration all of each bosses' abilities and mechanics.
  • Assume that each opponent is intelligent and capable of strategic thinking.
  • All of the competitors' abilities, including crowd control and other effects to which bosses are usually immune, work on their opponents (with apologies to considerations of lore on this point).
  • Assume that the opponents share similar levels, health pools, and comparative overall damage output.
  • Don't get caught up in gameplay mechanics and what actual players might do in each encounter.
  • Don't neglect style, story, and scale. Everything is a factor; seeking balance is your goal as a spectator and judge.
In Corner One: Ozruk

Break yourselves upon my body!

Ozruk, guardian of the World's Heart, approaches the squared circle with his own theme music. This boss has been the bane of rookie tanks around the globe. Will Asaad be able to accomplish what thousands of paladins, warrior, death knights, and druids could not?

Ozruk's arsenal includes ...If you haven't witnessed Ozruk's gleaming, perfectly chiseled body yourself, perhaps you'd like to learn more about his flawless physique or read other adventurers' first-hand reports.

In Corner Two: Asaad

You tread upon the sacrosanct! Mortals have no place amidst the clouds.

Can the air itself break the earth? Can the wind move the mountain? Can the storm reign supreme over such finely crafted abdominals? Asaad's control over all things weathery have destroyed endless DPS with the ol' root-and-scoot. Will it be enough to carry him through this matchup?

Asaad's toolkit includes ...What? You've never seen Asaad up close, you say? Well I'm positively shocked! In fact, you could say I'm blown away. Why not learn more about the winning djinn, or read what others had to say about him?

The battle begins!

Remember, Two Bosses Enter matchups are all about substance and style, not gameplay, mechanics, and numbers. Don't base your strategies on player tactics, which opponent has been easiest or most difficult for you personally, or the difficulty of each opponent relative to instance progression. Vote for the spirit of the battle as set forth above. Set aside differences in opponents' health pools, game level, and actual damage output. Absolutely no game mechanics nitpicking!

Set aside the world order -- let the WoW Insider Ring determine who's the champion! Your votes determine the outcome in WoW Insider's series of fantasy deathmatches, Two Bosses Enter, One Boss Leaves.

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