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Apple sues Amazon over 'App Store'


On March 18, Apple filed a complaint against Amazon in California over Amazon's use of "App Store," a trademark owned by Apple. According to Bloomberg, Apple has asked the court to bar Amazon from using the "App Store" name in its Android software development program and upcoming Android application store, titled the Amazon Appstore.

In related trademark bickering, Microsoft filed an objection in court earlier this year in hopes of denying Apple the trademark for "App Store," arguing that the term is generic enough to apply to any digital store that sells applications. Apple quickly struck back, pointing out Microsoft's trademark on the generic term "Windows."

As for Apple's suit against Amazon, the claim stated that "Amazon has unlawfully used the App Store mark to solicit software developers throughout the United States." Apple reportedly tried contacting Amazon three times about the use of its trademark since the beginning of the year, but Amazon has yet to "provide a substantive response."

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